Licenses, certs and health docs. Oh my!

Healthcare professionals are required to have many licenses, certifications, and health documents. Managing them shouldn’t be difficult.

Stress-free credential management.

UNA Wallet allows your applicants and incumbents to maximize the technology on their mobile device by storing pictures of these credentials and documents. Automatic synchronization of data takes place between UNA and your ATS. No duplicate entry required!

Positive outcomes associated with UNA Wallet:

  • Healthcare provider satisfaction - no more paper copies; information available at all times, at their fingertips
  • Increased efficiency for credentialing and recruiting teams - track, monitor, and share credentials whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • Nursys Verification of Nursing License done in real time*
  • Integration with ATS solutions eliminates the need for .pdf downloads and uploads. Bidirectional data synchronization becomes the “secret sauce.”
  • Best of all….UNA Wallet is branded with your logo and colors.
  • Wallet works great on everything from mobile to desktop!

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