Coming Soon - Early 2021

Don’t go overboard during the onboarding process.

UNA FAST is the quickest way to move candidates from application to being hired - A Recruiter’s BFF.


In only 60 seconds, you can quickly get candidates in your system. Fast allows flexibility in customizing your workflows based on specialty, job, facility.

Synch data to your ATS/CRM/HR System

UNA’s robust bidirectional Candidate Sync Technology is powered by JobRobotix’s API. UNA FAST takes all of the candidate data captured in the hiring process and syncs it with the candidate information in your ATS/CRM/HR System. It really can’t get easier than that!

Seamless integration with UNA Test and UNA Wallet

UNA Fast is just the beginning. The valuable information captured in the hiring process will seamlessly integrate with UNA Test and UNA Wallet.

Supercharged Job Board

UNA Fast works best with JobStream, JobRobotix’s new Job Board service. The integration accelerates and syncs candidate data from your job posting (through JobStream), directly into your ATS/CRM/HR System, initiating smart logic and triggers, that “nudge” the candidate along the onboarding process, to submission/hire.

Let’s take you on a candidate’s journey through the UNA experience.

All 3 UNA applications work together to automate the onboarding process, from application to hire.

For example, an ER RN is interested in a job opportunity.

Fast Apply

Captures First & Last Name, email, phone and clinical specialty (ER)

ER-RN Checklist

Fast Apply triggers the set up of an ER Skills Checklist for preparation of Phase 1 submission.


As part of Phase 1, the ER-RN is prompted to upload a BLS and ACLS card in UNA Wallet.

Candidate Sync Technology

Recruiter notified upon nurse completion of Phase I requirements.

Phase 1 Submit

Recruiter submits for Phase I Manager or HR review.

Acceptance Trigger

Recruiter and candidate notified of acceptance. System prompts candidate to Phase 2 requirements (outstanding documents or credentials).

Candidate Sync API - Step 2

Triggers notification to recruiter that required info for Phase 2 submission is complete.

Final Submission

Recruiter submits final employment profile to facility with just a few clicks.

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