Revolutionary Hiring Platform

UNA BrandSync provides a modern white label solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Staffing Companies to position their unique brand in managing applicants and existing staff.

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With UNA BrandSync, you choose the functionality that BEST fits your business needs.

All functionality works great on any mobile, tablet or desktop experience.

Easy Apply & Onboarding

• Onboarding and application technology that is quick, easy, mobile, and user-friendly.

Credential & Document
Management Module

• Healthcare professionals manage their credentials and documents, with immediate sync to your ATS.

Skills Checklists

• Self assessments for many
healthcare specialties

Annual Mandatories

• Content and post-tests for
regulatory requirements

Competency Testing

• Job knowledge testing for many healthcare specialties.

Seamless ATS Integration

• No software to install or maintain. Connect to UNA through an API key.  Boom! Done.

Although UNA BrandSync was built for mobile users, it can be used on any device, for an enhanced applicant and employee experience.

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